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is indicated the treatment of Thrombocytopenia New Hope, A Better Quality of Life

DNT 53 Capsules Overview

At present, there is an intense need & demand for effective oral medication which can facilitate cure of Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelets count).

Thrombocytopenia affects 44% to 96% of patients with co-morbid conditions. It leads to an increased risk of life threaten bleeding which needs emergency hospitalization. This usually leads to the demise in most cases. At present the most common treatment of Thrombocytopenia is Platelet Transfusion, Immunoglobulins, immunosuppressive agents & surgical removal of spleen.

DNT 53 CAPSULES is clinically proven, safe herbal medicine for Thrombocytopenia which contains blend of herbs. These herbs have been individually and scientifically proven and published in The Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India, approved by Government of India.

DNT 53 Capsules is a scientifically developed proprietary medicine which starts increase platelet counts as early as day 3 of consuming it. It brings the platelets counts to a normal levels at the completion of the course.

A Govt. certified Lab conducted clinical study to evaluate efficacy & safely. DNT 53 capsules has shown significant increase in platelet count throughout the study duration when compared to screening platelet level in all enrolled subjects. During the study we did not find any adverse effect related to safety of the DNT 53 capsules.

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Toxicity Study Conclusion-

In the study there were no clinical signs and pre terminal death noted at and up to the high dose of 1000mg/kg body weight. There were no dose dependent statistical significant treatment related adverse effect on body weight, food consumption, organ weight, haematology and clinical chemistry parameters of animal at and up to the dose of 1000mg/kg body weight. There were no gross external or internal pathological changes noted at any dose level. There were no treatment related histopathological changes noted at dose level of 1000mg/kg body weight.

Hence from the study it can be concluded that No-Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) of DNT-53 administered through oral route daily consecutively for 28 days was in Sprague-Dawley rats was found to be 1000mg/kg body weight.

Clinical Study Conclusion-

All 72 enrolled subjects were advised to take study drug as protocol prescribed and they were advised to attend every alternate day visits to site. The data has been collected and analysed from 72 subjects who have completed all study visits and it was found that there was significant increase in platelet count irrespective of group.

We analysed group wise platelet count and found that the platelet count was significantly increased in all subjects in all mentioned group.

There was no drop out subjects during the study.

From the data obtained, it was found that the investigational product DNT-53 was showing significant percentage increase in platelet count throughout the study duration when compared to screening platelet level in all enrolled subjects, which was considered as an important parameter in the study.

Composition Of The DNT 53 Capsules -

S.No. Name of Ingredient Specification Label Claim/Capsule in mg Qty./Capsule in mg
1 Tribulus Terrestris Linn. (Goksura) The Ayrvedic Pharmacopoeia of India 20.0 20.0
2 Tinospora Cordifolia (Gurucha) The Ayrvedic Pharmacopoeia of India 173.0 173.0
3 Prosopis Spicigera Linn. (Sami) The Ayrvedic Pharmacopoeia of India 30.0 30.0
4 Carica Papaya Linn. (Papita) The Ayrvedic Pharmacopoeia of India 177.0 177.0

What are Platelet count?

Platelets are small disk shaped blood cells produced in the bone marrow and involved in the process of Blood clotting. They are normally between 150,000- 450,000 platelets in each microliter of blood. Low platelet counts or abnormally shaped platelets are associated with bleeding disorders.

What is Thrombocytopenia?

Thrombocytopenia is the medical term for a low blood platelet count (below the normal range).

What is DNT 53 Capsules?

DNT 53 Capsules is a clinically proved unique mixture of herbs and it is indicated for treatment of thrombocytopenia. All the herbs used in DNT 53 Capsules is mentioned in THE AYURVEDIC PHARMOCOPEIA OF INDIA.

Who should receive DNT 53 Capsules?

DNT 53 Capsules is a blend of pure herbal medicine with high medicinal values used to treat low blood platelet counts in adults, even when certain other medicines, or surgery to remove your spleen, have not worked well enough.

How does Thrombocytopenia result in low blood platelet counts?

Platelets are produced by the bone marrow, there are various medical conditions and disease which leads to either increase in platelets destruction or decrease in platelet production leading to thrombocytopenia.

Will DNT 53 Capsules raise my platelet count to normal levels?

Yes, DNT 53 Capsules will bring your platelets counts to normal levels after completing the course of medication, although increase in platelets counts can be seen after one to two days after starting the medication.

How Is DNT-53 Capsules Given?

DNT 53 capsules are to be administered orally 3 to 4 times per day or as directed by Physician.

Is DNT 53 capsules clinically proven?

Yes, DNT-53 Capsules is clinically proved Ayurvedic medicine. The Clinical study to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of DNT -53 Capsules in Patients with Low Platelet Count has been completed by a Government approved clinical trial organization.

What side effects are associated with DNT 53 Capsules?

During toxicity and clinical trial there was no adverse effect was seen in any subjects. Hence DNT 53 Capsules have no associated side effect.

How will I know whether DNT 53 Capsules is working?

Your healthcare provider will check your platelet count every week and change your dose of DNT 53 Capsules as needed. This will continue until your healthcare provider decides, based on your platelet counts, that your dose of DNT 53 Capsules can stay the same or it should be increased or should be stopped.

How should I store DNT 53 capsules?

Keep the container tightly closed & protect from direct sunlight and moisture.

Is the clinical research of DNT-53 Capsules is publish in any Journal?

Yes, DNT-53 Capsules clinical research is published in following three journal.

  1. Novus International journal of biotechnology & biosciences-2013, Volume 2, Number 3 INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SERIAL NUMBER: 2278-6945 www.novusscientia.org
  2. Deccan Pharma Journals January – February 2014 INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SERIAL NUMBER: 0976-139X www.deccanpharmajournals.com
  3. Trendz in Biotech volume 12/Issue 12/ March 2014. INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SERIAL NUMBER: 0975-4369

What Precautions to be taken while taking DNT 53 Capsules?

DNT 53 capsules should not be taken empty stomach

DNT 53 Capsules should not to be prescribed in pregnancy, lactation & children since these patients were not included in clinical trial.

What diet should be taken while taking DNT 53 capsules?

While undergoing the "DNT 53 capsules treatment patients can take both vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Diet.

While taking DNT 53, if there is some other disease, what should be done? Can I take other medicines along with DNT 53 without any adverse effect?

While undergoing the "DNT 53" treatment, if the patient is suffering by any other disease or physical difficulty, he /she may be taken to the concerned doctor for consultation. Any medicines prescribed by Doctor may be taken without discontinuing the "DNT 53" capsules provided that a gap of half an hour is given between these two medicines.

Can we take DNT 53 capsules in the morning or with an empty stomach?

DNT 53 capsules should not be taken in the morning with an empty stomach. If there be any difficulty in swallowing the capsule, the contents of the capsule may be mixed in milk or honey and then taken.

What Duration & doses of DNT 53 capsules?

Total duration of medication of DNT 53 capsules is 10 days. Doses as directed by physician.

Is DNT 53 capsules suitable for vegetarian?

Yes, DNT 53 capsules is suitable for vegetarian. DNT 53 is supplied in cellulose capsule – a 100% vegetarian source.

What is packing size of DNT 53 capsules?

DNT 53 capsules supplied in HDPE bottle with child lock which contain 34 capsules.

Causes of Thrombocytopenia?

Thrombocytopenia. In this condition, your bone marrow makes too few platelets, or your platelets are destroyed. If your platelet count gets too low, bleeding can occur under the skin as bruising, inside the body as internal bleeding, or outside the body through a cut that won't stop bleeding or from a nosebleed.

The body's bone marrow fails to produce enough platelets. This can happen because:

  1. A cancer gets into the bone marrow and destroys megakaryocytes. These are the cells that produce platelets.
  2. Aplastic anemia affects platelet production.
  3. A toxic chemical, radiation therapy or chemotherapy destroys megakaryocytes.
  4. Genetic problems hinder production of normal platelets.
  5. Exposure to certain drugs or alcohol slows the production of megakaryocytes. Thrombocytopenia is common in heavy drinkers.
  6. After suffering from a viral infection, some patients will have decreased platelet production.

What are the Diseases and Infections Resulting in Low Blood Platelet Count?

Alcoholism (Damage Bone Marrow), Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Malaria, Viral Infection, Drug Induced, Bacteria Infection, Dengue Fever, Cancer AML, HIV, Hepatitis A,B,C, Swine Flu, Hemophilia, Lyme Disease, Leukemia, Prosthetic Heart Valve, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer CML, Vitamin K Deficiency, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (Acute & Chronic) ITP, Thalassemia.

Novus International Journal of
Biotechnology & Bioscience

2013, Vol. 2, No. 3

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