MD's Message

MD says...

Ayurvedic science has a variety of precious herbs with obtainable potentials to cure diseases. There is however a need to explore and experiment in direction to carry on acquiring their benefits. At OMPPL, our teams of well qualified professionals are rigorously working towards obtaining new and innovative solutions with our treasured herbs.

Using our research and development skills, we are working towards addressing some of the more globally challenging diseases. We believe herbal remedies have up-tapped potential waiting to be extracted and used for the betterment of human-kind. All our herbs come from nature around us and we know little about their application to human science.

Using iterations, we develop our products and carry out pre-clinical trial on them. With successful trails, we then send our products for multi-centric clinical trials with Government of India approved laboratories.

Alongside our peers in the pharmaceutical industry, we too are working to cure ever increasing number of disease. We feel a need to aggressively pursue the field of Ayurveda to counter disease.

Personal Note: My father & educator, Dr.Nandlal Tiwari has guided and inspired my life. With me, he shared his infinite knowledge, both from his day to day life and years spent in the pharmaceutical industry. Over the years, this has come to be priceless for me and helped me from my own destiny.

- Pawan Tiwari